"Together" bracelet collection designed by Leah Daniels!


I wanted to create something beautiful to wear that encompasses what "Together" means to me! I've always loved gemstone bracelets and been curious about what all the different beads represent.  After trying many variations and colour combinations I absolutely love what we came up with! 

These two gemstone bracelets were designed with stones to keep the body and spirit grounded and to support a loving, healthy relationships.

Wear them together or share one with a friend. Hand made with love from me to you!

New single "Together" at radio now!


I am so excited to introduce my new single -"Together"! This song started in Nashville - I was writing with Patricia Conroy and Dave Thomson and what started as a word play on "to get her' and 'together' turned in a spunky, how-to-get-the-girl song.  Which got me thinking... how DO you get the girl? The early stages of relationships are so exciting but can often be confusing and filled with so many ups and downs.  That's where this page comes in!

I got Tim (for the male perspective) and we put together a list of some of our favourite date night ideas, did a little relationship Q and A and even designed some beautiful bracelets (well Tim did a little less of that part haha)

So, STEP ONE - press play on the awesome playlist I carefully created and read on!

Check out Leah's 'Together' playlist on Spotify!

Your summer bbq playlist! Mix of current country & pop hits  with your favourite throwback 90's rock tunes.  Recommended accompaniments: crackling campfire, sizzling grill, frosty mojitos and friends. Cheers!